💡 New Algae For Food Forum (NAFF) 🌱

Did you know that, in a sea of algae, only about 60 species are authorized for consumption in the EU 🤔? 

Algae have great health benefits and as our population keeps growing and our resources can’t keep up with it 🌍, they are of major importance for our diet. Also, think of it this way, wouldn’t it be boring if the only vegetables we could eat were broccoli and celery 🥦? 

That is why algae are of major importance for our diet. 

➡️ Our goal is to expand the variety of authorized algae species for consumption: this is why the NEW ALGAE FOR FOOD FORUM (NAFF) was created! 

➡️ This forum aims to identify and describe the algae consumption not (yet) included in the Novel Food Catalog. The NAFF has currently a total of 28 evidences for 13 species algae in its repository about ‘Algae consumption in Europe before 15 May 1997’ (date of creation of the Novel Food Catalog). 

👉 What you can do:

We ask for everyone interested in algae and wanting to help to search for more evidences and share them in our forum: New Algae For Food Forum, «Submit Contribution»

With everyone’s help we hope to include more algae in the list of authorized species for consumption in the EU!